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SFF markets that pay on acceptance

Some magazines pay the author when they accept a story; some pay only on publication; some are in between. From the writer's perspective, payment on acceptance is obviously preferable. However, most markets don't disclose their payment schedule up front. Therefore, below is a list of markets I know to pay on or near acceptance. Feel free to suggest others in the comments.

Pay on or near acceptance

Pay after acceptance but before publication


What are your suggestions for the list? I use 'on or near' to mean within a month, and well before publication. 'After acceptance, before publication' means well after acceptance, but still well before publication. If you want, include the number of days between each of acceptance, payment, and publication.

Stories for patrons

Now it's serious. Travel and work got in the way of the Patreon launch, I'm now geared up and ready to go. Every week, starting right now, there will be a full story and author's note, or a novel chapter. Not too much, not too little. Just right, in fact. Take a look!

Now on Patreon

So, I decided to try out Patreon as an author (in addition to the Patreon we run for Metaphorosis). I'll be posting stories and chapters on a regular basis. Take a look!

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