“Coup de Tart”
NonBinary Review
September 2016 (read here, $)

Fantasy Scroll
27 June 2016 (read here)

Genius Loci (anthology)
21 June 2016 (read here, $)

“Start With Stones”
The Overcast (podcast)
15 February 2016 (hear here)

“Drive Like Lighting…” & “…Crash Like Thunder”
Novo Pulp 2014/2015 (anthology)
22 Feb 2015 (read here, $)

Shadow (graphic novel with Uwe Carow)
Red Bug Books
6 January 2015 (buy here, $)

“Coup de Tart”
NonBinary Review
June 2014 (#10 Alice in Wonderland, $)

The Death God’s Chosen (anthology)
29 May 2014 (read here, $)

1 May 2013 (read here, $)

“The Digital Revival”
Antipodean SF
1 April 2013 (read here)

“Drive Like Lightning … Crash Like Thunder”
Ray Gun Revival
Aug, Sep, Oct 2012 ( read 1, 2, 3)

“Silver Lining”
Sparks: Exciting New Fantasy From Today’s Brightest Stars (anthology)
12 Feb 2012 (read here, $)

“All’s Fair”
1 Dec 2011 (read here)

“Proteus’ Revenge”
Twisted Dreams
Oct 2011 (read here, $)

“The First Assembly of God”
08 Jul 2011 (read here)

Absent Willow Review
16 Jan 2011


“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”
Stupefying Stories

“When Dooryards First in the Lilac Bloomed”
Spring 2017/ TBD

“Goatway Drug”
Hyperion and Theia, Vol. 1: Saturnalia
2017/ TBD


Every now and then I self-publish a story or collection. You can find them here.

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