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B. Morris Allen

B. Morris Allen

Stories of love and disaster

Awards eligibility 2022

As a writer After a breakneck pace last year (two stories), I've kept things simple this year, with just one story (but a nice one):...
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Awards eligibility 2021

As a writer I published only two stories this year, but they're good ones! “Minstrel Boy Howling at the Moon” Magazine of Fantasy and Science...
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Reaching the peak

Conscious or unconscious, realistic or fantastic, we all have goals of one kind or another. My goals as a writer have always been fairly understated,...
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#CaptiveReader – Spring and the Arachnodactylist

During this Covid-19 pandemic, songwriter Carrie Newcomer has been singing a song every night from her living room. I was inspired by that to try...
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Writing by the Numbers

Since my writing career is so neatly encapsulated by the 2010s, I thought I'd take a look at some more detailed statistics. Note that the...
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What I Did Last Decade

Words from an Absent Willow An overview of my literary endeavours in the 2010s. Tl;dr: I got published I started to take writing seriously and...
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Awards eligibility 2019

As a writer The year's not over yet! But while I've got some things in train, none seem likely to publish before next year, so...
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Beginnings 110 – Auld Lang Syne, Ch. 10

It’s Saturday. A day for sleeping in, for pretending I’ve successfully played sick and avoided school, for luxuriating in having nothing to do. The sun...
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