M. J. Engh is one of those surprisingly unknown authors. She’s also put out only a very few books. The best known is probably Arslan – a good but brutal story about a dictator who makes it big.  I read it many years ago, but some scenes stay with me still; remarkably powerful and effective.  But I first encountered Ms. Engh in Wheel of the Winds – a terrific and remarkably underappreciated SF story about circumnavigating the world.  I was struck by the quality of the characters, and in particular the Captain, “Mouse”.

I’m sorry to say that’s all I’ve read.  She seems to have a fair number of stories out there, and at least one more out of print book that I’ll some day track down.  It’s not much, but it’s enough, in Walter Miller sort of way.

I’ve since found and read Rainbow Man. Not as good as the other books, but interesting and worth reading, for fans.