My first published story, “Blind“, was at Absent Willow Review, in 2011. The magazine closed later that year. My two latest stories were recently serialized on Ray Gun Revival as “Drive Like Lightning … Crash Like Thunder“. The third and last part came out at on 1 October – just a week ago. Today, I learned that RGR was closing, or at least going on hiatus.
I wasn’t the final story at either magazine. For RGR, that was this very funny story. But I was the penultimate one. I’d worry about this, if I hadn’t gotten used to reading similar experiences from other authors. I’m pretty sure Roger Zelazny killed off a magazine or two, and I know others have as well. So, I’m not feeling like a bird of ill omen.
Still, it’s distressing, because I thought both magazines (aside from publishing my work), were fun and interesting places to read SFF. But on the plus side, any search of Duotrope turns up half a dozen new SFF venues at any time. So even if some of the favorites don’t make it, as a field, SFF is doing just fine. And I’m hoping my next story goes to a venue that survives a full year beyond publication.