It’s Amazing!

It’s Amazing!

Amazing Stories MagazineI’ve started blogging at the revived Amazing Stories. Yes, that same Amazing that Hugo Gernsback started way back when, the Amazing that published Isaac Asimov’s first story. True, there have been a few changes of ownership since then, the occasional hiatus, a different format or two… But still Amazing. For the moment, it’s a magazine focused on science fiction fans and blogs.

Readers of this blog may find my initial post familiar – it’s a reprint of a post I published here, about the mysterious Ms X who gave me her boyfriend’s pulp magazines. This will followed by more in the same series – essentially, about my discovery of science fiction, SF magazines, bookstores, etc. All the magic that led me to SFF in the first place. Interspersed will be a series called ‘low intensity’ – about SFF writers who produce very little book-length output, or who are simply, in my opinion, under-regarded. And of course I’ll throw in other things as they strike me.

That doesn’t mean this blog will be neglected. I’ll keep posting here on the same irregular schedule. But the Amazing blog will be a weekly thing, at least for a while.


I’ve been trying for a while to get a decent commenting feature on this blog. The blog is built on Google Sites, which has an excellent commenting mechanism – but only if you belong to the site’s domain. There are workarounds, but none of them is really satisfactory (I’m testing one at Google+ also has a nice comments feature, which, ironically, is available on WordPress (a different website platform), but not for Google Sites. In any case, I hope eventually to have something working, and make this site more interactive.

In the meantime, you can use the ‘Contact’ page.

Have a low intensity author you’d like to see get more recognition? Let me know!

[Update: Issues  like this are the reason I’ve switched from Google Sites to Blogger.]