Wolf’s bane. It’s properly arnica montana, but my grandfather insisted on the more colorful term; something to do with his service in the Long War way back when. I have my doubts about how pivotal this stuff was, since it’s also known as ‘leopard’s bane’, and we don’t get a lot of were-leopards in Europe. I also have trouble seeing how it worked. Did our side smear mashed up flowers all over their foes and then ask “Feel that mild skin irritation? Want to negotiate now?” Maybe that’s why the lunatics were so angry about losing the war. Anyway, I just sell it as an arthritis treatment.

Silver Lining
Earthbound Fiction: Sparks
Published 01-Feb-2012

About the story: One of my few werewolf and vampire stories. Inspired by a trick George R.R. Martin missed in his story “Skin Game”.