Awards eligibility 2022

Awards eligibility 2022

As a writer

After a breakneck pace last year (two stories), I’ve kept things simple this year, with just one story (but a nice one):


Cossmass Infinities, July 2022 “Adjectives of Annihilation”
Cossmass Infinities
July 2022 ($)

My parents could never describe it. The ravages of an increasingly stratified world, of bitter philosophical division, of a climate run amok. The devastation of war. The nightmare of departure.
“Nothing survived,” said my poet father.
“Probably nothing survived,” amended my mother, who’d been a particle physicist, and more comfortable with uncertainty.
They were farmers now. We were all farmers. “Wheat feet,” my father called us. They said he’d been a noted poet, back on Earth. Here on Doilea, he was a reluctantly competent miller.

As an editor

For those interested, Metaphorosis and I are also eligible for some other awards.

Best Semi-professional magazine

  • Metaphorosis. Metaphorosis is a speculative fiction magazine that publishes original fiction every Friday online, as well as monthly issues and annual Best of and Complete anthologies.

Best Editor, short-form

  • Metaphorosis magazine. As above, publishing new science fiction and fantasy every week, starting in January 2016.