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I’m a biochemist turned activist turned lawyer turned foreign aid consultant, and frequently wonder whether it’s time for a new career. When I can, I make my home on the Oregon coast. In between journeys, I edit Metaphorosis magazine and work on my own speculative stories of love and disaster. My story collection Chambers of the Heart came out in April 2022.


  • Serial comma? Of course.
  • Punctuation within quotation marks? Not when you don’t have to. It only went within the quotes to begin with to make the text look nicer – there’s no logic to it.
  • Ending a sentence with a preposition? Who cares?
  • Two spaces after a period? Break the habit. It’s hard, but you just don’t need them.
  • Adverbs? Sure, they can be overused. Anything can. But I don’t hold with the modern fad of abolishing all adverbs all the time. Why refuse to use a perfectly good part of speech? Adverbs are useful; it’s just a question of moderation and appropriate use. So, if someone tells you to cut an adverb, they may be right. If they tell you to cut all the adverbs, move on to a more thoughtful reviewer.

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