B. Morris Allen


Hivernaculum is a set of static links that nonetheless tells a story of alien life.

C B B tells one story at varying levels of detail, depending on how long the reader has available. Because the sections are short, and I thought readers might read several, I also tell a slightly different story at each level, while staying within the same basic facts. Finally, for those that read the whole sequence, there are a couple of extra sections at the end to round things off.

“Oh no, not again” was written to explain one of the funnier and more mysterious parts in a popular writer’s story.  Except that once I’d finished and gone to tidy up some details, I found he’d provided his own answer in the only book I hadn’t read.  If you don’t get it, don’t panic! It’s an inside joke.

The Orange Donkey is the first story I can recall writing, when I was about six.  You have to be really interested to want to read this.