B. Morris Allen


Frequent readers of this blog will know that I’m often inspired by music. Having no musical talent of my own, I make up for it by listening to music all the time. Really all the time. In the car, in the bath, while I write, while I do chores. All the time except when a) I’m working at my day job (then I need silence), or b) someone objects (my spouse is very understanding).

I listen mostly on shuffle, which means a mix of country, hard rock, singer-songwriter, and assorted pop. I don’t mind, so long as it’s good. And most of this stuff I bought, so of course it’s good.

I steal a number of my ideas from songs. Sometimes the title, or a key line, or a misheard lyric. Careful readers will see nods to the artists in the names of characters or towns. Below are a few of the songs that inspired stories.